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4DR Studios takes care of everything from pre- to post-production. This means that we discuss your idea with you and develop a script and plan. 4DR Studios takes care of the entire associated planning and makes a detailed production bible of your idea. In order to run production as smoothly as possible and deliver high-quality volumetric videos, we offer our expertise at all stages of production.


Prior to the resounding words ‘light, camera, action!’, a large amount of preparatory activities is already been done. The better organized this pre-production phase, the more streamlined the recordings and the more eye-catching the end result.

Those preparatory activities all start with the development of a comprehensive script that we will create together with you. This way, everybody is clear on the objective. Our crew can devote its expertise and technologies to make sure the shoot runs efficiently and smoothly, and the intended purpose is achieved.

If needed, we can provide several different audio capture setups according to your wishes. Additionally, an audio mixer to utilize options such as lapel mics and boom mics can be hired for the shoot. We can record in Stereo as well as Ambisonic and Binaural for a 3-dimensional sound field.

The Volumetric Video Capture stage has 32 calibrated RGB cameras and 24 5600 LED lights for the best light balance to create Volumetric Video Capture.

You can use your own lighting equipment, but we do not recommend it. Adding or changing lights can cause deviations.

If your production needs specific props for the green screen, such as furniture or other objects to be worked on later, 4DR Studios can supply them or, if necessary, make them by hand.

If you have proven experience with Volumetric Video Capture, 4DR Studios has been consulted and our crew considers your plans feasible, you can also do the pre-production yourself or outsource it.

Since Volumetric Video Capture requires a specific approach, otherwise the risk of irreparable errors is too great. Therefore, 4DR Studios is actively involved in the pre-production phase in order to apply our expertise in Volumetric Video Capture with regard to production technical aspects.


Because of the extensive pre-production phase, there will be no loose ends to worry about during the day of shooting. All preparations have been made, nothing stands in the way of ‘light, camera, action!’. First, we do a dress rehearsal to make sure everything is in place and catches the right light. Time to shoot.

By the way, we shoot in both 3D and 2D. The viewing room allows you a great view of the floor or watch the 2D footage on the monitor. This is very useful as you will later on base your decision on the footage to be used in 3D in post-production on this material. It goes without saying all facilities of our studio are available to you in full measure.

Currently 3 people can be successfully filmed at the same time. It is important that one person does not obstruct the camera view of the other person. The HOLOSYS can accommodate up to 3m in diameter and up to 2.4m in height, so that needs to be taken into account as well. However, it is possible to add various individual shots to the scene after rendering.

Before the HOLOSYS is ready for recording, it must be calibrated; that takes about 3 minutes. It is recommended to calibrate regularly between series to ensure the correct setup of the cameras. The director and photo director operating the HOLOSYS keep track of the sequences. After each take, the photo director can process a preview sequence of a few frames in 4D to validate technical or artistic interests. This takes 5 to 10 minutes each time. Due to the high amount of data produced, it is important to be selective in which shots you want to save and render.

We can record up to 90 minutes of sequences (@ 30 FPS) per day. The amount of final video material depends on your selectivity as to which sequences you want to render or delete.

We deliver a constant live feed in 2D from the director’s camera. During the recordings, a preview screen is displayed in the Viewing Room. The images are shot in both 3D and 2D. From the viewing room you have an excellent view of the floor and you can see the recordings in 2D via a live feed on the monitor. Based on this, you will soon determine which shots will actually be made suitable for your 3D video in the post-production phase. Here you can watch the recording both on screen and live on the floor. If you want to view the material in 3D, it is possible to render a frame after a take. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


It’s a wrap? All desired footage is shot in 3D? Time for the finishing touches of post-production. Again, 4DR Studios will take all time-intensive work off your hands. We make sure your 3D production is ready to use in your intended application. And of course, we never settle for less than the best quality. Every 3D videos 4DR Studios delivers in post-production is ready to be presented to your audience.

The default HOLOSYS processing time is 10 hours for 1 minute of data (@ 30 FPS).

For optimized mobile quality (@ 30 FPS), the file size is about 15 MB per second. For high quality in desktop format, this goes up to about 30MB per second. And if you want the highest quality for, for example, VFX (@ 60 FPS), it can even go up to 300MB per second.

Now the material is ready to be used for any desired application such as AR, VR or a video clip.