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Urban history springs to life in Essen 1887

Essen 1887 – A mixed reality journey through time, NeonReal and Essen Marketing.

The ambitious assignment: create a one-of-a-kind touristic highlight for the heart of Essen (Germany). The result: a city tour that sweeps you away to times long past. No need for a time machine: cutting-edge mixed reality technology does the exciting trick. The expression ‘ground-breaking project’ fits Essen 1887 like a T. Where else do you get to discover a city by traveling back in time?

Famous German actors such as Henning Baum took on the roles of historical figures and were captured in our volcap studio. Costume designers and make-up artists created the look and feel of the 19th century. Specific objects were scanned and digitalized through advanced technology, and historical figures came to life. Essen of yesteryear resurrected into a city walk through Essen 1887.

At the start of the city tour that lasts almost two hours, visitors receive a mobile phone and special mixed reality glasses from Nreal. GPS does the rest and directs them to 24 historical hotspots in the city. Essen 1887 is a prime example of how volumetric video and mixed reality can bring history creatively and positively to life. Fascinated and interested in more? On our blog, you will find a detailed article about this project.

Award winning!

The mixed reality tour “Essen 1887” by EMG – Essen Marketing GmbH is now not only unique worldwide, but has also won an award: The virtual time travel through the inner city of Essen won gold in the “Tourism” category at the “World Media Festivals 2022” in Hamburg. The expert jury particularly praised the excellent creativity, effectiveness and target group-oriented approach of the mixed reality tour. EMG CEO Richard Röhrhoff: “Of course we were convinced about ‘Essen 1887’ from the beginning. The fact that an international expert jury has now awarded our tour gold makes us incredibly proud.”

The “World Media Festivals” have been awarding prizes for outstanding international achievements in film, television, online and print in the “Tourism & Travel” sector for 11 years. This year, there were 198 entries from 18 different countries.

The Mixed Reality City Guide, Essen 1887, was also nominated for the Tourism Innovation Award 2022 in the Best Customer Experience Award category of Tourism Innovation Summit. Unfortunately it did not win the award, but it made it to the finals!