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Stadium tour

Stadium tour, PSV Eindhoven

The football stadium is a sacred place for many football fans. It is the home of a football club and the place where dreams come true. You will make many football fans happy with a nice stadium tour.

From the dressing rooms to the dugouts. Almost all important places are covered during a tour. Only the chance of meeting a player or club icon is very small. Together with PSV, we changed all that.

In our studio, we filmed Cody Gakpo (player), Hans van Breukelen (club icon) and Toon Gerbrands (director). At four locations during the stadium tour an augmented reality experience with volumetric video is available. At each of these locations, one of these people will appear in 3D and tell you a beautiful and unique story, for example about the spot where you are standing. Of course, you can also take a picture with them.

In this way, we connect the highlights of the tour to club icons. Making the stadium tour more personal and interactive.

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