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A Finnish True Crime now in your living room

And Here Happened A Murder, Chronosphere | Yle

Did you think it was impossible to step directly into the head of a killer and hear his thoughts clearly? Think again! With the groundbreaking Chronosphere project, we created a unique computer experience together with Finnish broadcaster Yle. And now it’s time to take this experience to an even higher level with augmented reality!

Step into the dark world of crime and discover the baffling secrets of a killer. Thanks to developments in augmented reality and volumetric video, we can offer you the chance to experience this true crime documentary in a completely new way. Together with Dutch Rose Media, we have brought the volumetric killer back to life, allowing you to step into the mind of this killer to experience everything from a different perspective.

And Here Happened a Murder - Perspective from floor

Now enter a world of intrigue, where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred. Do you dare to take up the challenge? Quickly download this unique augmented reality experience from the App Store or Google Play and immerse yourself in an adventure that will stay with you for a long time. It is time to open the doors to a new dimension of true crime, where everything can be experienced in a different way.

Chronosphere | And Here Happened a Murder

Let us take you back to 1918’s Finland. Amid a turbulent civil war, a murder is committed. Flash forward to the here and now. More specifically: to the unique testbed of Effenaar Smart Venue’s and 4DR Studios’ research program Chronosphere. Here we experimented with Finnish national broadcaster Yle on merging a true crime documentary with volumetric video. 

And Here Happened a Murder is the intriguing title of the documentary playing the lead in this experiment, disguised as a desktop game. Through this test, Yle wanted to explore if a murderer’s story becomes more relatable when told in volumetric video. Chronosphere implemented the digital production for one of the chapters. In this episode, users are confronted with the killer and his inner thoughts at the crime scene.

For the experiment, one group played the regular game while the other played the volumetric video version. And guess what? The volumetric video technology makes for a more realistic experience, allowing the test users to feel personally involved in the scene. Another significant result: the volumetric video group complained less about dizziness, nausea, or headaches than the other group. The cautious conclusion is that storytelling through volumetric video positively affects immersion and physical responses. A great outcome of a great experiment!

Made possible by Metropool Regio Eindhoven and Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland.

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