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Stories with a touch of magic

Location based storytelling

The world is full of great stories. With our ByAR platform, we can finally tell these stories – where they actually took place. Transform the world around you into a wonderful world. Let dinosaurs walk down the street, find the hidden gnomes, and bring historical figures back to life. With ByAR, everything is possible! Will you join us on an adventure?

Experience stories where they matter

Taking a nice walk, scavenger hunt or bike ride and all the while enjoying a story in a very visual and fun way? That is what ByAR – our platform for location-based storytelling – is all about. This way, you can experience stories in a new way and let your audience become part of the story. Bring historical figures to life, rebuild ancient ruins, or show a video of an impressive event that took place on that exact spot. Learn to understand history, look at the landscape in a different way or discover new places. With the magic of augmented reality, you can see these stories unfold before your very eyes!

Let the app guide you

While making a nice walk or cycle route, we think it is important to focus on nature. For this reason, users can follow the route using a convenient map. Have you arrived at an important point? A short signal will inform you. Grab your phone and be amazed by the visual story!

Want to keep the route a secret and wander around instead? Then it is also possible to develop a photo treasure hunt. With two hints – the search area and, for example, a landmark – you will be challenged to find the location on your own. Did you succeed? Then you get the next bit of the story as a reward. 

Enrich the world

To get your story across in the right way, there are several ways to tell it. Using audio and video, it is possible to simply take the user into the story. If you want to fully immerse the user, augmented reality can really enhance the story. 

But a ByAR walk is also a fun activity for the young adventurers! Look for gnomes in the woods, learn how big a deer really is or help prepare a medieval wedding. With the combination of information and gamification, users are challenged to become part of the story. 

Own story or own app?

Do you have a great story you want to share with the world, but resources within the organisation are limited? Then it might be possible to add your story to an existing ByAR app. 

In case you want to make it completely your own, it is also possible to have a custom-made app developed. Together, we will think about the design, the map, and the stories to make it fit your organisation. 

So, a unique ByAR walk is possible for everyone. Whether you just have a route or want a whole custom app developed, there is always a solution for your story. 

Make it all your own

Do you have great stories you would like to tell? We’d love to think with you to put your story on the map. The possibilities are endless! Send us a message and we’ll schedule something soon!

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