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Dutch Rose Media and 4DR Studios jointly developed the Brainport Fan Cam

Recently, Dutch Rose Media and 4DR Studios have been immersed in the world of football. For Brainport Eindhoven, we created a unique experience for the entire region, focusing on fan engagement with a starring role for PSV. Introducing the Brainport Fan Cam. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how we approached this exciting and intensive project.

In a nutshell, the challenge presented to us was to develop a captivating concept that highlights the unity of all municipalities in the Brainport region while also showcasing that Brainport Eindhoven consists of more than just the city of Eindhoven. We eagerly embraced this wonderful challenge. Dutch Rose Media conceived the concept of a video booth where PSV fans can record a video together with their favorite football players. This would take place against the backdrop of one of the 21 municipalities that make up Brainport Eindhoven.

Invisible background

Dutch Rose Media not only developed the concept but also took care of the visual and experience design. Additionally, we handled the implementation of the video booth concept and ensured seamless integration between the hardware (a large screen with a built-in camera) and software. Thanks to this software, we can remove the backgrounds behind the filmed individuals and replace them with new backgrounds. This allows the fan in the Brainport Fan Cam to immortalize themselves alongside their favorite players in the chosen Brainport municipality.

In essence, Dutch Rose Media managed the entire process, excluding the volumetric video recordings, which is the domain of 4DR Studios. To ensure smooth filming during the two shooting days, meticulous preparation took place. We carefully examined the choreography and created a brief instructional video for the players and the mascot, Phoxy. The players watched this video just before their volumetric video debut in the studio, ensuring that everyone knew the precise movements and timing required during the recordings. Thanks to these preparations, both shooting days went as smoothly as an average training session at De Herdgang.

Synchronized, natural end result

After the “It’s a wrap” announcement echoed through the studio, 4DR Studios polished the captured footage in post-production as needed. We created Alembic files of the footage and edited them using the Blender software to produce the videos. Firstly, we captured beautiful shots in and around the Philips Stadium. Once we had this footage, we added a motion camera in Blender. This camera precisely mimics the movements of the physical camera that captured the background footage. The result is synchronized movements and a very natural end product. It was crucial to ensure that the frame rate of the background matched that of the volumetric video, and we carefully monitored this aspect.

By providing the background video with a digital floor, we were able to accurately determine the correct shadow and position of the PSV player on the studio floor. To achieve the most realistic outcome, it was essential to ensure that the scaling of the PSV player and the video were perfectly aligned in perspective. Lighting also played a significant role in achieving realism. We were able to make precise adjustments to the lighting using a High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI). After conducting a final successful shadow check, we selected specific frames for rendering in the final video. In total, we used a staggering 252 renders in the concept!

Video ready? Share away!

Finally, we combined all these individual shots to create a long video for the Brainport Fan Cam. Our developers ensured that fans could create a personalized video with their favorite players. They would also need to choose a background, either at the Philips Stadium or in a Brainport municipality. Once the video is created and played, it can be saved and shared. After all, who wouldn’t want to show the world a video in which they shine alongside their favorite PSV players? In the coming period, PSV and Brainport Eindhoven will increasingly utilize this remarkable piece of fan engagement, such as during open days or home matches.

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