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A Finnish True Crime, now in your living room

A profound exploration into the mind of a murderer

Have you ever imagined the possibility of stepping directly into the mind of a murderer, hearing their thoughts with clarity? Through the groundbreaking Chronosphere project, in collaboration with Finnish broadcaster Yle, we have created a desktop game. Now, you can also experience this unique endeavor in augmented reality! Immerse yourself in a world saturated with bewilderment and uncover the sinister secrets of a murderer.

The Chronosphere project has delved into the realm of volumetric capturing, aiming to enhance the connectedness and comprehension of a character’s inner voice. This exceptional true crime documentary submerges you in the perspective of the murderer, with the objective of investigating whether audiences can genuinely empathize with the dark world and thoughts of a killer.

Yle aspired to elevate the immersive aspect of the true crime genre to new heights with their documentary. While the original idea of an augmented reality game proved to be technically demanding due to extensive data files and complex three-dimensional environments, we opted for an alternative approach during the Chronosphere project: a desktop game.

True Crime with a different perspective

Thanks to rapid advancements in augmented reality and volumetric video, it is now possible to experience true crime in a truly unique manner. In collaboration with Dutch Rose Media, we have resurrected the murderer, allowing the murder to unfold within the confines of your own living room. This unparalleled form of true crime enables you to view the story from an entirely new perspective.

Now, it’s your turn

Step into a world infused with intrigue, where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. Thanks to the Chronosphere project and the fruitful collaboration with Dutch Rose Media, a distinctive experience has been crafted, where true crime comes to life within the realm of augmented reality. Explore the dark thoughts of a murderer, feel the palpable tension, and unearth revelatory insights. Immerse yourself fully in an enthralling adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. The time has come to unlock the doors to an entirely new dimension of true crime. Do you dare to empathize with the intricate thought world of a murderer and observe everything from a different perspective?

Hesitate no longer and swiftly download this unique documentary from the App Store or Google Play!