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International Film Festival Rotterdam | 4DR Studios Award 2023: Anti-Muse

This year, we once again attended IFFR Pro, where we were able to present our 4DR Studios Award for the second time. All entries had an interesting and impressive story, but unfortunately only one can be the winner.

We are proud to announce that the winner of the 4DR Studios Award, presented at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is Anti-Muse!

Anti-Muse has a very urgent subject: Belgium (like the Netherlands) coming to terms with a very dark past (if that is even possible)….

In our view the team is still very much investigating the best forms to address this topic, but they bring some elements that really click well with volumetric capture, like real characters and awesome fashion design. With this prize we encourage the team to join us in investigating this technology.

Source image: Jan de Groen