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In May, we go out and about

Interactive walks through our beautiful Netherlands

The breeding season has started again, the weather is becoming more pleasant, time to go out and about! We would therefore like to highlight a few different location-based apps. Perhaps some inspiration to explore the Netherlands further, there is something for everyone!

Let’s go outside

In May, the weather is getting more and more pleasant. A good reason to soak up the sun and get some fresh air! Combine this with innovative and immersive storytelling sounds like music to our ears. From Limburg to South Holland, here are some tips.


Madurodam. Must experience. And we couldn’t agree more! Since last year, there is even more to experience in the Dutch miniature city. Look for the photo-hints, play the fun augmented reality mini-games and collect as many points as possible! With Madurodam Quest you look at Madurodam in a different way. Who can win the most points?

Castle Valkenburg

Together with Kasteelruïne and Fluweelengrot Valkenburg, we are rebuilding the castle destroyed in 1672. Sounds impossible? Thanks to the possibilities of augmented reality, the castle can still be restored to its former glory. And you, as a visitor, can help!

Or travel to 1495 and meet market trader Lambert, cleaner Heleen and servants Raes and Yda. They are all busy preparing for the wedding of Jan van Pallandt and Anna van Culemborg. Perhaps you can lend them a hand?

Discover Hansa

The rich history of Hanseatic cities in the Netherlands and Germany is worth experiencing! The murals by artist collective De Strakke Hand look back at the past, with a twist to the present. Are you in one of these Hanseatic cities now? Then be sure to download the Discover Hansa app to let these murals come to life! Be surprised by the funny and amazing stories told with augmented reality.

Hidden Tracks

Want to discover the musical pearls of Eindhoven while dancing? You can do that with the Hidden Tracks-Eindhoven Music Walk. 

The musical walk is a perfect reason to stretch your legs. During the interactive walk, you will be introduced to inspiring music stories, backstage myths, and hidden gems in Eindhoven’s music centre. 

The walk is enriched with augmented reality. Old-fashioned archive images and concert posters will literally fly past your ears! Via the Hidden Tracks app, you will discover, see, and experience Eindhoven’s musical past for yourself.

Picca Hunt

Prefer to get some fresh air nearby? Have no worries, we have a solution for that too! With our Picca Hunt app, it is possible to create a photo treasure hunt anywhere in the world. Create a fun route, take great photos, add mini-games, and upload your photo scavenger hunt for other Picca Hunters to play!  

Even for bad weather

Even though spring has really started, and lambs are jumping in the meadow, May also has its bad days. For these days, we have some tips of fun indoor locations with augmented reality to make sure to visit.

Maquette Maastricht

Visit Centre Céramique in Maastricht, for example. Here, a 17th-century physical model is literally brought to life with the latest technologies. Using augmented reality, this virtual model will appear in front of your nose. Walk through the narrowest streets and discover what used to happen there. As a viewer, you will be taken through a total of five different stories and meet several historical characters.

Discover Hansa

Is the weather a bit disappointing right now, but you’re eager to hear the Hanseatic cities stories? The Dicover Hansa app is also a source of visual entertainment at home. Choose a Hanseatic city, let the mural appear in your living room and experience the surprising stories from the comfort of your own chair.

Lest we forget

Besides the beautiful weather, May is also a month filled with important events that took place during World War II. Together with several organisations, we had the opportunity to tell some of these impressive stories in an innovative and immersive way.

Brabant Remembers

Together with your personal guide Flo, you are taken to Brabant’s wartime past. Visit the locations where the stories really happened back then. Each of these stories re-enacts a situation with a big dilemma. Moreover, you become part of each story … Because what choice would you make if you were in their shoes? You can watch these stories at the locations where they really happened. Or step from the comfort of your own home, through a digital portal, to five different Brabant locations to go back in time.

Venray Remembers

Cycle, walk or drive through the war history of Venray and its surroundings with Venray Remembers. Along the route ‘On the other side’ there are recognisable benches where true war stories can be experienced. For example, meet German Hans Wulff and Canadian David A. Bridgen. During an aerial battle, they clashed. How will this end?

Overloon War Museum

The debris of the AVRO Lancaster NN775 is on display at the Overloon War Museum. The bomber measures a whopping 31 by 21 metres, and flies around the museum! In augmented reality maybe, but still, it’s an impressive sight. 

All you have to do is scan and watch. Near the aircraft are three large floor stickers that visitors can scan via the app with their smartphone. After this, they can see for themselves what the bomber once looked like. The app also gives visitors insights into the cockpit, tail, engines, and landing gear. In addition, the 7-member crew that crashed in 1945 will be extensively remembered, their names and faces will not be forgotten as a result. 

A lot more to discover!

Hopefully we have been able to give you enough inspiration to start stretching your legs! Besides these apps, there are more stories and walks to experience in different apps. Does this taste like something more and would you like to develop a fun, interactive walk yourself? Then be sure to contact us, we would love to work with you! 

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