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4DR Studios, 4DViews and Digital Humans at Immersive Tech Week

A week full of amazement in the virtual universe

From Monday, 28 November, until Friday, 2 December 2022, de Doelen in Rotterdam is dominated by immersive technology. Five days in a row, Immersive Tech Week is the gathering spot for creativity, innovation, business, research, and art in the ever-expanding virtual universe. The perfect opportunity to meet with 4DR Studios, our supplier 4DViews, and our Digital Humans.

Immersive Tech Week, organized by VR Days Europe, is regarded as the leading European event on everything to do with immersive technology. And that’s a lot. NFTs, blockchain, Web3, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality … and all virtual creatures who feel right at home in the metaverse. Market leaders, decision-makers, XR enthusiasts, scholars, start-ups, and scale-ups gather here to get and give inspiration, share knowledge, and create new chances and connections. 

VR Days


Within this framework, 4DR Studios must be present. And we are! At the trade fair and during the VR Awards. We share our booth at the trade fair with 4DViews, our French supplier with whom we work closely. 4DViews manages the Holosys system we use in our volumetric capturing studio. Their cameras, lights, servers, and software allow us to create our volumetric videos and tell the most fantastic stories. That’s why sharing a booth is the obvious choice. 

Immersive art

At our shared booth, visitors discover the powerful result of this partnership. Here we show a selection of the Digital Humans who, over the years, emerged in our studio. Historical holograms make history tangible, digital fashion personas make the impossible possible, and three-dimensional creatures alleviate stereotypes through virtual workshops. A motley crew elevating storytelling into art. 

VR Award 

Philips’s VR experience ‘The Wonder of You’, competes for an international VR Award. This virtual discovery trip through the human body is one of five nominees in the Best VR Marketing Campaign category. A massive honor for us as well: our affiliate Dutch Rose Media, helped create this extraordinary experience. The winner will be announced during a festive award ceremony on Thursday, 1 December. Fingers crossed! 

Digital Humans

Come and share the experience

4DR Studios will be omnipresent at this immersive happening in Rotterdam. We are very excited to captivate every visitor through the unlimited possibilities volumetric video offers. Something you don’t want to miss! We would love to let you experience our surprising volumetric video solutions in person in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. So, book your ticket and visit us at booth 55. We, 4DViews, and our Digital Humans look forward to meeting you.