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Preview El Classico

AR preview El Clásico 2021 with Sierd de Vos, Ziggo Sport

Ahead of El Clásico, the legendary Spanish classic between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Ziggo Sport published the preview of the match in mobile AR. Commentator Sierd de Vos looked ahead to the match from your living room with the help of your smartphone.

Sierd de Vos, filmed in volumetric video, could be viewed in augmented reality (WebAR) via a web page. No app had to be downloaded. All you had to do was open a web page and El Sierd would appear in your living room, or wherever you wanted him to, to preview the upcoming match in his characteristic way.

Besides Sierd’s hologram, the experience was also enriched with animations and historical video images. Of course it was also possible to take photos that could be shared directly on social media. From all entries, a winner was chosen who could take home the shirt of Ronaldo or Messi as a prize.