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The Human Psyche: A volumetric fashion show

Recently Summa Fashion presented several fashion shows and special fashion projects on the catwalk in the Heuvel and in the concert hall of Dynamo during the Crafted 2021 Event. Under the guidance of designer Marlou Breuls and using the latest technologies, the Summa Collection 2021 was shown, this time focusing on ‘The Human Psyche’.

Volumetric video and augmented reality

Personal stories, visions and missions are expressed in form, colour and various materials. The outfits are therefore characterised by extravagant style, colours and the striking in-depth prints in which a message can be found; ‘how someone presents himself to the outside world says nothing about what is going on inside’, says Sinthe Salden – junior product management student.

Within this project, the Summa Fashion students received help from none other than talented designer and former student Marlou Breuls. She is known for her characteristic avant-garde use of form, craftsmanship and exaggerated silhouettes. Her studio believes in the power of fashion, but in this case goes beyond the usual paths. For instance, Breuls abandons traditional ideas about fashion and takes inspiration from other disciplines, including sculpture. Her designs do not go unnoticed; the clothing creations have already been noticed by international stars like Björk and Sia, for whom Breuls has worked.


Summa Fashion is ahead when it comes to combining fashion and technology. For the second time in a row, Summa Fashion joins forces with 4DR Studios and Dutch Rose Media, to present this project to the public in a very special way.

Two models – wearing a total of 9 outfits – were filmed three-dimensionally in the volumetric capture stage of 4DR Studios. The models wear a variety of outfits made of different materials, fabrics and colours. It produced an exciting result, as the boundary between digital and real is wafer-thin’, says Casper Moerkerk – head of volumetric capturing at 4DR Studios. In this way, the Human Psyche project remains not only a physical exhibition, but a lifelike digital exhibition that you can watch again whenever and wherever you want.

Summa-fashion-leader with the very latest 3D-technology

By applying the so-called ‘volumetric capturing’, the models were filmed lifelike and three-dimensional in 4DR Studios. This means that the models and outfits in the Crafted app under the heading “2021” can be viewed from every angle. With augmented reality it is possible to walk around the models and watch the Human Psyche fashion show literally at home (via your own smartphone).

The Crafted app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.